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Steven Hoy
Pentiction Lawn Care

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Serving the south side of Penticton, Steven offers a wide variety of services to keep his customers properties looking their best. Though sod installation is his favourite, you can ask Steven for a free quote for mowing, fertilizing, power rakesaeration, property clean ups, leaf clean ups, pruning, hedge trimming, weeding, herbicide applications, Xeriscaping, power washing, irrigation installations, sprinkler blow outs and start ups, landfill runs and commercial property yearly maintenance.

Stevens favourite part about being a Jim is that he doesn’t need to look too hard for work; being a Jim means that customers come looking for him because they already know and trust the brand.

Steven keeps himself pretty busy with work so in his down time he mostly just relaxes with the tv or works on himself as a person, with hopes to eventually have time to go enjoy some outdoors activities that are not landscape related, as well play some chess, pool or golf.

If you would like to book Steven for a free quote, please call 310 JIMS or book online here.


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