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Consider a professional! 

Of all the maintenance tasks that should surely make your list, gutter cleaning is important, especially here in British Columbia where the organic debris is constantly falling from our plentiful trees. The structural damage to both your roof and foundation that can be caused by clogged drains and broken gutters is far too great a risk to leave this task by the side. Yet gutter cleaning is a daunting task to do by yourself. Even the first floor gutter is high enough off of the ground for there to be a safety risk. Using power equipment may speed the entire process up, but it also increases the risk, but hand cleaning your gutters could take days if you’re inexperienced. Because of this, we would highly recommend looking into professional service providers in British Columbia.

  • Jim's Mowing gutter cleaning

Our Jim’s family here in British Columbia will ensure that your gutters are cleaned and ready to protect your home from the structural damage water can cause. Our professionals are trained with the collective knowledge of over 50 franchisees across British Columbia. We can determine the best method, whether by hand, the leaf blower, wet vacuum or pressure washer, and we will know how to do it safely so that no accidents happen at your home. When we do a gutter cleaning, we do the job right so that you can enjoy more free time and a healthy home!