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At Jim’s Mowing, we know how life comes to a standstill when it snows in Lower Mainland region and we are committed to keeping your property clear even during heavy snowfall through our round-the-clock snow removal services in BC, Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We keep a close watch on weather forecasts and use the latest set of snow removal equipment to clear the space for you.

Snow Removal Services

As a trusted snow removal BC service provider, Jim’s Mowing BC professionals have removed snow from both commercial and residential premises. We have also removed snow from public parks, important thoroughfares and narrow neighbourhood alleys as a direct subcontractor for municipalities and as a part of our commitment to the Vancouver residents and business community.

We are a full-service snow removal Vancouver and garden and lawn care agency in British Columbia with a set of professionals who go the extra mile during those snowy shivery winter nights. Therefore, if you feel helpless just because you see a mass of snow right in front of your garage and you cannot enter the garage to take the car out, simply give us a call. We will arrive in no time and clear the space so you can easily go in and drive your car out.

We provide snow removal, salting and snow management training to our operators who have hands-on knowledge of latest ice management and snow removal equipment – people who know the techniques of snow removal inside out. We provide thorough hands-on training to our snow removal operators and also arrange mock drills to make them more situation-ready. In addition to that, we also conduct on-site training and make sure that the operators working with us are armed with all the necessary technical knowhow and the most sophisticated equipment.

Why Jim’s Snow Removal Services?

  • Jim’s Mowing operators are certified and have years of experience in de-icing Vancouver neighbourhoods.
  • We can take care of all your needs including plowing, scraping, and salting needs with our chemical and mechanical applications.
  • We use both de-icing and anti-icing methods to keep the British Columbia roads clean.

How Much Does Snow Removal Cost?

We either work on full-season basis or pay-per-time basis. If you are in need of a steady solution for the snow that congest your driveways, walkways and other areas of your property, call us today on 310-5467 or Book an Enquiry online to find out more about the snow removal services we offer all throughout the year.

On the contrary, if you need our professional assistance once and for all, you can just place a call with or send a quick email to us to let us know about the situation in there, at your property. Jim’s Mowing Vancouver pros will rise to the occasion quite promptly and address the problem with the best of what we have.

Areas We provide Snow Removal Services to:

Canada: British Columbia Areas of:  Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Penticton, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey, and Vancouver; and most places in between.

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Jim’s Mowing can also provide assistance in other areas of your home and garden. Browse our services to find out more or book a job today.

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