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Mark Skladowski
Chilliwack Lawn Care

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Offering service to Chilliwack and surrounding areas, Mark provides mowing, gardening, property clean ups, landscaping, aeration, power rakes, fertilizing, lawn rejuvenation, pruning, hedging trimming, single storey gutter cleaning, power washing, and rubbish removal to his many happy customers.

Mark’s favorite part about being a Jim is the flexibility it provides, allowing him a great work/ life balance and being able to spend time with his family. Although he offers a wife variety of services, his favorite jobs are mowing and gutter cleaning.

When not helping to make Chilliwack a more beautiful place to live, Mark can be found working out no matter how busy or tired he is. He will always make time for the gym. He also loves taking his 3 dogs for a walk, hiking, swimming, ATVing, snowboarding, spending time with his fiancee Kristen, and their 4 beautiful kids.

If you would like to book Mark for a free quote, please call 310 JIMS or book online here.


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