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1. Customer Satisfaction

Jim’s Mowing has been proudly serving British-Columbians for over 20 years now. With over 250 reviews and a 4.9 Google Star rating we are the highest rated landscape and gardening services provider in Canada. Much of our business now comes from the many referrals from our thousands of satisfied customers.

2. One Stop Shop for Lawn Care Services

Need it done? Jim’s the One! Jim’s Mowing Franchisees provide all outdoor home services including Lawn Mowing,  Fertilizing, Lime for Moss Control, Gardening, Power Raking, Aerating, Lawn Rejuvenation, Chafer Beetle Repair, Spring and Fall cleanups, Pruning, Trimming Shrubs and Bushes, Gutter Cleaning, and Junk Removal.

In select markets we also offer hardscape installation services like Excavating, Retaining Walls, Decks and Fences.

3. Most Trusted Lawn Care Services Provider

Over 80% of our customers are elderly or families with young children. Our franchisees have all passed criminal background checks, have a minimum of $3 million in liability insurance and have Worksafe BC coverage. We are very proud to have helped so many seniors stay in their homes well into their 80s and 90s for over 20 years. With Jim’s Mowing your home and family are safe with us.

4. Franchisee Ownership

Our lawn care services are provided by friendly and caring local owner-operator experts who live and work in the communities they serve. Our local Jim’s serve their own neighbours so they really care!

5. Our People

All our employees are uniformed professionals trained to provide industry leading quality and the highest level of customer service.  Many of our franchisees have been Jims for over 15 years.

6. Proven Track Record

22 Years in Business doesn’t happen by accident. We have the highest level of customer satisfaction of any landscaping company in Canada.

7. Network Size

With over 40 franchisees, Jim’s Mowing is the largest and most trusted Lawn Care service provider in the Lower Mainland, Okanagan and Vancouver Island. Our network was built by our dedicated franchisees and thousands of satisfied customers.

8. Our Values and Operating Principles

Jim’s Mowing stands for Professionalism, Integrity, Value, Quality, and Community.

Let us show you!

9. Top of the Line Equipment, Machinery and Materials

We live, work and represent the communities we serve, so we only use tidy trucks and trailers and the latest and best equipment. We only use the absolute best and highest quality supplies available in the market for all our fertilizers and other needs.

10. Punctuality Guarantee

Timely communication and punctuality are important to us. We return calls promptly and our people are always on time and ready to do an excellent job, you can count on it.

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