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Steve Stabile
Victoria Lawn Care

“I would absolutely recommend Stephen Stabile of Jim’s Mowing. He has been taking care of our lawn and garden for the past year and a half and it always looks good. Steve is reliable and works quickly and efficiently – you get full value for your money. Most of all, he provides exceptional customer-focused service.”

“We’re extremely satisfied with the work Stephen provides. Charges fairly. Steve helps with our lawn mowing and flower bed maintenance. Our lawn is not easy to mow and sometimes covered by dropping figs and plums. Very polite and responsive via email/phone and understands our needs well. If there’s been no growth with grass in hot summer, he would let me know and skip the mowing until a mowing is needed. Honestly not all the companies would’ve done that.”

“Stephen Stabile of Jim’s Mowing does great work in all-round lawn care at a very reasonable cost! He is courteous & effective in responding to customer inquiries & requests, as well.”

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Servicing the Victoria, Oak Bay and Saanich areas, Steve offers regular lawn mowing and lawn care, hedge trimming, tree pruning, aerating, power raking and power washing, with his favourite being mowing because he enjoys the process and loves the way the lawn looks when complete.

Steve’s favourite part about being a Jim is the support system and the comradery of the other Jim’s and keeping in daily contact with them even if it’s not work related.

Ever the outdoor adventurist, Steve has spent 28 days on a boat without going into port and likes to skateboard long distances (25k to 50k) and hopes to do 100km this summer.

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Please review our “Top 10 Reasons to use Jim’s Mowing” and you’ll understand why Jim’s Mowing should be your preferred choice for lawn care and lawn maintenance services in Victoria, Oak Bay and Saanich.

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“Stephen Stabile of Jim’s Mowing has brought my yard back to life. I would 100% recommend his mowing and gardening services.”

“I called Stephen Stabile at Jim’s Mowing and had a great experience. He came as soon as possible and did an amazing job. He was polite and efficient. I highly recommend him!”

“Stephan is a good worker Attention to detail and respectful Gets the job done!”

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