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Terry Arsenault
Kaleden and Okanagan Falls Lawn Care and Gardening

“I recommend Terry Arsenault, he is a great family man and a solid character. He will get back to you in a timely manner and work ethic that few can match!”

“I found Terry and Shaun to be friendly, professional, and punctual. I can always count on them and yard looks wonderful after they leave. Highly recommend these guys!”

“Terry and his team provide an excellent service. They kept my lawn and property looking tidy all summer, and I would highly recommend them.”

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Offering services in Penticton, Kaleden and Okanagan Falls, Terry provides mowing, gardening, gutter cleaning, lawn rejuvenation, aeration, dethatching, landscaping, power washing, pruning, and weed removal to his many happy customers.

Terry enjoys working outdoors and providing hands on lawn care services to transform lawns. His favourite job is mowing on a nice sunny day and creating gorgeous lines on a freshly cut lawn.

When not helping to make the world a more beautiful place to live, Terry volunteers as a fire fighter in Kaleden. In his spare time, he enjoys relaxing at the beach, snowboarding, and playing with his children.

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“I’ve been working for Terry all season and what a great and fun place to work. Everyday I learn something new and Terry is always pushing me to grow. Highly recommend Jim’s Mowing as a professional and great place to work.”

“We like the local Kaleden guy, Terry. He’s dependable and likeable.”

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